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Hi, I'm Smart Money Cheryl...

and while Cheryl is my real name, people started calling me ‘Smart Money’ Cheryl because I LOVE helping people with their money.

During the day I’m a corporate CFO (chief financial officer) for a large corporation in NY State, but my passion is with helping everyday people with their money.

Why? Because if major companies (like mine and other small and large companies) around the world know how to manage money and stretch their dollar, so should everyday people.

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What others are saying...

Thanks so much Cheryl Young it was so much fun, got a lot done and completed the whole challenge❤️😘 Appreciate you!

- Theresa Hopkins

Working with Cheryl has completely transformed my life for the better. When I met her, I had this idea that I had inherited the money habits, beliefs, and karma from my family. I had fully accepted that this was my money story. I had accepted that I was going to be bad with money, that I was going to be in debt, have poor credit, and struggle to ever have enough. Cheryl asked me if I’d do one challenge and just be open minded. I thought I can do that. The rest, as they say, is history. I’ve done every challenge Chery has offered and I’ve taken her course. I have a brand new story of abundance and my relationship with money is completely different. Debt isn’t a dirty word, or something I am shameful of, because Cheryl taught me that feeling bad about my financial past wasn’t going to empower me to change my financial future. Money flows easily and freely to me now. I’m not longer in default on my loans. My debt is decreasing. I have more than enough. I now know that I did not inherit anything and Cheryl helped me see that I could be set free from the old story and write a new one. I recommend Cheryl to everyone. She’s unlike anyone else in the finance world and that’s what makes her the absolute best out there.

- Angela Kaye

Love this challenge!

- Pam Heck Walrod

Love finding money wins!

- Melissa Smith Cooper

Let's talk about money mindset growth. Something Cheryl Young and this challenge have helped me with immensely.

- Angela Kaye

Love this money mindset shift! Cheryl Young has been so helpful regarding spending and finding money!

- Kathy Albano Gonthier

You come from a place of love when you make your decisions . Love for how you want to feel.

- Lawana Schrieffer

I've learned so much from you and definitely learning to be more intentional with my money. Thank you Cheryl Young

- Carolyn Dice

Just want to put an extra thank you in here for you. Your inspiration does make a difference. My favorite one is "Action wipes out Worry." or something like that. I called about my car payment, it was worrying me because it was 2 days late and I am waiting on a check in the mail to pay it. So instead of worrying more, I decided to call to see if there was a grace period. There is a 15 day grace period! And they don't even report you to the credit bureau unless you miss a whole month. So I can sleep and not worry about it now because my check will be here in plenty of time! And the car insurance- that was almost half of what I was paying-I never would have even thought about calling if it wasn't for you! So BIG THANK YOU for doing these challenges, not only for free, but always giving us chances to WIN money and always giving your time, which we all know is the most precious commodity! You are appreciated, you are loved and I hope you have a wonderful vacation with your family and plenty of Cheerios moments

- Beth Johnson

Practicing gratitude plus love ! I really love your challenge !

- Lionie Michelle Chenhall

So efficient! Thank you !

- Virginia Scheuer

I can’t wait for your course!! I totally am buying it today! Thanks for the discount Cheryl!! ❤️

- Gina Fromholz Granville

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