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Hi and welcome to my website.

I’m Cheryl Young and I’m a Financial Freedom Expert.

I help business owners find profit in their purpose, so they can create a successful, profitable business from the get-go and find freedom in their life.

I do that by showing them how to shift their money mindset to make smart financial choices that lead to less stress around cash flow and profit and to more abundance and freedom.

My mission is to inspire you to live your best abundant life, feel satisfied and find profit in your purpose; I’ll support you to feel confident and in control of your own business and its success.

Having been a CFO of a multimillion-dollar company for over 25 years,I have a simple philosophy; you get the best financial results in business by making everyday choices based on good information.

Financial growth, consistent revenue and profit can be easily achieved when you know the exact small steps to take to remove pressure and thrive.

I support entrepreneurs like you because I get you.

I’ve worked with both small and big companies and I’ve seen over and over how financial stress and lack of revenue predictability create major pressure on the business and the people behind it.

Every time I invited my clients to take a step back, things changed: by analyzing your business, putting budget in perspective, and gaining insight in sales and customer retention, you can clearly understand what’s needed to create more abundance and stop overwhelm around your financial goals. .

Nobody should feel constant stress or lack of control over their business because profit is low or cash is unstable. But hey, you don’t need accounting or financial skills to change it all! Nope – it all comes down to mindset and knowing that you have options to make the best possible choices for YOU and your business.

Want to get to know me better?

Here are a few fun facts about me.

  • I’m originally from a small town in the beautiful New York State Finger Lakes and currently live in Clifton Springs, NY.
  • My family includes my wonderful husband of 30 years and our incredible 22-year-old son. We also have 3 beautiful dalmatians named Skye, Blue and Shamrock.
  • Traveling and time away with my family is a must!
  • Kindness is one of my biggest values and a big part of who I am
  • You can catch me watching sports (Let’s Go Buffalo)!
  • I’m very passionate about learning new ways to support business owners to make profit.
  • And sometimes I dabble in DIY home improvement projects.
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